LandmarkFX - Our High Performance Institutional Forex Trading Platform

American Capital Markets is pleased to offer clients the LandmarkFX platform. LandmarkFX utilizes the latest intelligent exchange technologies that build and apply quantitative metrics based on trading behavior.

The trading platform gives clients a proven, high performance foreign exchange platform including: agile programming methodologies, automated trade reconciliation, smart matching routing to mitigate risk.

LandmarkFX’s integrated back office automates many end of day operations including; spread reconciliation, asset manager calculations, risk controls, introducing broker payouts, broker credit dashboard and real time position and client monitoring.

LandmarkFX Features include:

  • Ultra low latency proprietary matching technology with a sub millisecond execution time.
  • Distributed architecture scales horizontally and vertically to handle hundreds of thousands orders per second.
  • Smart-Order Routing benefits both liquidity providers and buy side clients
  • The exchange is hosted in NY4 for speed and the lowest possible latency to clients via cross connect.
  • Deep executable liquidity
  • Direct access to book limit orders


LandmarkFX has taken the industry standard Trade Copier & PAMM / IB Suites and innovated upon them to better meet end-user and market needs.

Benefits for Money Managers & IBs - PAMM

  • Automatic or Manual Calculation of Portfolio Allocations.
  • Role Based / Segregated Back Office logins.
  • Same-Day Opt-In / Opt-Out Fee Calculations.
  • Real-time control over brokerage and spreads for underlying accounts.
  • Private Introducing Broker (IB) Logins.
  • Simplified IB Payout Structure.
  • Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Support multiple currency based trading accounts.
  • Multi-Prime Broker model where brokers participate through their prime broker (or PoP).
  • Full featured back-office to manage risk, trade activities, positions, and settlements.

Our High Performance Forex Platform

LandmarkFX, by American Capital Markets, gives money managers a proven, high performance foreign exchange platform. LandmarkFX utilizes the latest intelligent exchange technologies and provides full featured  back-office to manage risk, trade activities, positions, and settlements.

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