MAM account features are available for money managers who manage several accounts using MetaTrader 4 and LandmarkFX at American Capital Markets.

MAM Accounts

Our MAM (Multi Account Manager) feature provides a flexible system that also allows sub-allocated trades under the master account. Money managers are able to execute block orders quickly while enjoying the flexibility of tweaking the account size, amount of lots, and adjustments based on the risk profile of their accounts.

If you are a money manager responsible for multiple accounts you should consider extending the function of MetaTrader 4 with this add-on. All your individual accounts conduct trades from a single MetaTrader 4 client, and with centralized processing, you can ensure no delay between each trade with one-click trade execution. 

Multi Account Management is also part of our institutional trading platform LandmarkFXLandmarkFX utilizes the latest intelligent exchange technologies and provides full-featured  back-office to manage risk, trade activities, positions, and settlements. With LandmarkFX we will be able to build in equity stop losses for their client's protection.

Institutional Forex Trading

American Capital Markets gives money managers a proven high performance foreign exchange platform, combined with world-class customer service and support.

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